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NK Institute / International

NK Institute stands for "Neuroenergetic Kinesiology Institute" and is an association, which connects kinesiologists of the Neuroenergetic Kinesiology, founded by Hugo Tobar.

Contry Specific Sites

Country Leader College-Website Personal Website Email
Australia Hugo Tobar www.nkinstitute.com.au www.kinstitute.com hugo@icnek.com
Austria Alexandra Tobar www.nkinstitute.at www.tobar.at alexandra@tobar.at
Belgium Annemie Vanneste     annemie@souldance.be
Ireland Joan Morton www.nkinstitute.ie www.apachespirit.co.uk mortonjoan@hotmail.com
Netherlands Jolanda Arts       teaching.healingarts@home.nl
Spain Eva Arricivita neuroenergetica.com    info@neuroenergetica.com
USA Ronald Wayman www.icnek.net www.sensorydynamics.com ronaldwayman@hotmail.com


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